Frequently Asked Questions

What is Iris Solutions Ltd.?

Iris Solutions is a licensed payment institution by the Bulgarian National Bank. According to the license granted, the company may provide payment services under Art. 4 items 7 and 8 of the Law on Payment services and Payment systems - payment initiation services and account information services. We hold a European Payment Service Provider (PSP) license in accordance with the Second Payment Services Directive ( PSD 2 ).

IRIS PAY is our brand under which we develop payment services.

IRIS PAY is also the name of the mobile application through which payments are made.


Who can I contact if I have questions about the processing and protection of my personal information?

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy or the processing of your personal information, you can contact us using our contact form or send us an email with a description of your request at:

Where can I download the IRIS PAY app?

The IRIS PAY application is available on Google Play for smartphones and tablets with the Android operating system and on the App Store for smartphones and tablets with the iOS operating system.

Why can't I add my account to Iris Solutions Ltd.'s mobile application?

Possible reasons for this are:

  • You have not filled in your username and / or password from the respective bank's internet banking, telephone number and / or IBAN, depending on the requirements for adding an account to any bank "hooked up" in the Iris application Solutions ”Ltd. IRIS PAY.

  • You do not currently have Internet access. Please check your internet connection and try adding your account again.

  • Contact us if you need assistance.

Do I need to have active internet banking in order to make payments from my bank account through the application of Iris Solutions Ltd.?

Yes, you need to have active internet banking.

Do I pay any additional fees?

The IRIS PAY app is completely free. Downloading the IRIS PAY application and payments to friends and merchants / companies are free of charge on IRIS PAY. You pay only the fee for the ordered credit transfer at the rate of your bank.


How long does it take the money I send to a friend to go to his account?

Payment via IRIS PAY is a type of bank payment, ie. transactions are made through electronic payment banking systems. If your friend and you use an account in the same bank, the transfer will be credited to you immediately. If you use the services of different banks in Bulgaria, the transfer will be verified within 2/4 hours or early in the morning of the next day, if the payment is made to you after 15:00.


Is there a limit to the amount I can transfer to a friend or the amount I can pay to a merchant through IRIS PAY?

Through IRIS PAY you can pay for a product or service at a merchant and order a transfer to a friend up to BGN 10000.


Can I pay at a merchant or transfer money to a friend if they do not use IRIS PAY?

In order to make a payment via IRIS PAY, it is necessary for both parties - the ordering party and the recipient of the amount to have the IRIS PAY application installed on their mobile phone or tablet.

Why am I getting an error when scanning a QR code / entering a 6-digit code / authorization problem?

Please contact us through our contact form and send us a screenshot of the payment screen showing the error message containing the QR code and 6-digit code. We will review the transaction and contact you.

When my payment is successful, when can I see the transaction in my account movement?

Your application reflects the status of each payment. Go to the original screen and see what payment status is of interest to you

Успешно плащане.png

Successful payment

Неуспешно плащане.png

Unsuccessful payment

Обработва се.png

Payment is being processed

Is it safe to use Iris Solutions Ltd. products and services?

Iris Solutions Ltd. is a payment institution licensed by the Bulgarian National Bank. The company is bound by strict provisions related to the processing of payments. We apply the highest standard of data protection technology in addition to the security systems implemented by banks.

What should I do if I want to file a complaint?

We take all our questions and inquiries very seriously. Iris Solutions Ltd. follows the guidelines of the Bulgarian Supervisory Authority - Bulgarian National Bank and processes customer complaints in accordance with existing regulations. The complaint should relate to a case by case regarding the products and services offered by Iris Solutions Ltd. If you have any questions, please contact us using our contact form or at the address below:     

 - Blvd. 111B Tsarigradsko Shose Blvd., Sofia Techpark, Incubator Building, fl.1

Please describe your inquiry as accurately and clearly as possible. We will try to answer you as soon as possible.

How can I contact the Iris Solutions Ltd. customer liaison department?

You can contact us using our contact form. If you would like us to investigate your transaction, please provide us with proof of payment or a screenshot of your device that includes the following information:


• Account holder name;

• Transaction Amount;

• Transfer date;

• Transaction reference number.


If for any reason you are unable to fill out our contact form, please contact us at the following numbers: +359 889 209 055;  +359 887 267 019

Please note that we will not be able to provide you with information about a specific transaction over the phone.

You will receive our response at the IRIS PAY registered email address.

All this is done to ensure the protection and safety of the users of our products and services.