IRIS multibank wallet

IRIS multibank wallet is an application that allows you to add your accounts from different banks in one common digital wallet, to accumulate your information from them and to pay from the account you prefer.





IRIS Multibank wallet allows you to see both your account balances and your recent transactions on them.

In the digital wallet, you can easily add, change, and remove the accounts you want to be visible in your digital wallet.

With the IRIS multibank wallet you can:

  • pay for your online purchases;

  • pay for goods or services at retail outlets;

  • arrange transactions for your close friends;

  • split your costs / bills.

Protection and security

The management of your digital wallet is entirely within your control, with the addition and removal of accounts and the initiation of transactions solely through the mechanisms provided by your bank (s). IRIS multibank wallet has been developed in full compliance with the EU's Second Payment Directive (PSD 2), while complying with all regulatory technical requirements for Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). Iris Multibank wallet is a product of Iris Solutions, a licensed payment institution by the Bulgarian National Bank.

How much will it cost you

IRIS multibank wallet is an application that you can download and use for free. The fees for the transactions you initiate are determined by the bank where your account is located and they are equivalent to the fees for your internet banking.



An application from which to manage your accounts with different banks.

A convenient and effective way to make payments to merchants accepting payments with IRIS multibank wallet.

A more secure online payment method than your familiar methods

The app is available for Android and iOS



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