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Water bills in Sofia can now be paid through a link integrated into the e-invoice

Thanks to IRIS Solutions IRIS Pay-by-Link all customers of the Sofiyska voda, who have subscribed for an electronic invoice, may pay already their bills only with a few clicks. This is possible thanks to the new Pay by link service. The innovation allows the customer to pay his/her water bill directly from the invoice by following the link published on it. It leads to the IRIS Pay by Click system. This system enables the customers to choose from which bank account to order their payment, directly through their personal profile on Sofiyska Voda’s website without entering bank details. Thus, the payment is from a selected customer’s bank account to a company’s account, but in contrast to the conventional bank transfer, now the transfer becomes effective within seconds.

Sofiyska Voda, part of Veolia Group, implements permanent innovations and digital solutions to facilitate its customers. The Sofia WSS operator is the first utility service provider in Bulgaria that has implemented the IRIS Pay by Click system, which facilitates the digital payments made by customers.

The IRIS Pay by Click system is the next digital facilitation for the company’s customers, accessible through Sofiyska Voda’s website, as well as through My Water application.

This is the text on the invoice

This is the window that opens after clicking on the link in the invoice.



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