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Galya Dimitrova: "The data belongs to the client. The future is open"

"The data belongs to the customer. The future is open." This was announced at the Financial Forum Innovations by Galya Dimitrova, Managing Partner of IRIS Solutions and Member of the Board of the Bulgarian Fintech Association. The eighth edition of the forum, organized by the Bank of the Year Association, brought together the elite of the financial sphere in our country.

At the opening of the forum Nina Stoyanova, Deputy Governor of the Bulgarian National Bank announced that the BNB maintains constant communication with both licensed third-party providers in Bulgaria and the banking community, which helps to effectively remove emerging barriers in line with the European Bank Authority positions and national specifics.

Ms. Stoyanova announced that on May 10, the European Commission launched a public consultation on the revision of PSD2 and gather information on a possible new legal framework for open finance, which will upgrade the existing open banking regulation. The purpose of such a new system is to allow, with the consent of the client, his/her data that are outside the scope of PSD2, to be shared and reused by financial service providers to create new and improved services, as well as more effective implementation of measures for data protection. The EC consultation will last until August 2, 2022.

"The growth in the number and value of non-cash payments at the end of the first quarter was about 20% on an annual basis, and the number of card payments initiated on virtual POS terminals increased by about 50%," said the BNB Deputy Governor.

In the first panel of the forum after the keynote "Digital banks or Digital banking" of the CEO of BORICA Miroslav Vichev, were discussed the future and opportunities for the development of the banking system in Bulgaria. Banks remain stable, consolidate to be even more stable, buy fintech companies or work directly with them to be adequate in the digital reality. Traditional banks are increasingly becoming a hybrid between digital and physical banking with a predominance of digital. The debate was attended by the CEOs of Unicredit Bulbank, Postbank, DSK Bank, Fibank, Allianz Bank, and the Visa Manager for Bulgaria.

Galya was a keynote speaker on the fintech panel of the forum. It focuses on the importance of the bank account as a major banking product. It contains data from the sharing of which in a secure environment the user can gain super personalized services and gain added value.

"The future lies in the collaboration between the fintech industry and the banking sector on behalf of the client," said the founder of IRIS Solutions.

See her entire presentation.

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