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How to gain from data management

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

IRIS OPEN TALKS 2 brought together proven specialists in a discussion about open banking

"Who owns the data, owns the future"

Yuval Harari

The second edition of IRIS OPEN TALKS brought together Sofia Tech Park fintech enthusiasts, bankers, accountants and entrepreneurs for a discussion about the possibilities of open banking data management. The event becomes a traditional forum where participants from different business sectors share ideas, new trends and experience.

The forum is an initiative of IRIS Solutions, a leading provider for South East Europe of solutions and services based on open banking in South East Europe, and was carried out with the support of ICAP CRIF, a specialist in the management and use of data from open banking.

Under the motto The Lords of the Data, participants from the financial sector, accountants, insurers and representatives of innovative companies discussed the topic of the role of data in modern business processes.

The discussion focused on ways financial data can be used to improve knowledge of customers, their needs and behavior. The participants also discussed the immense possibilities of technologies based on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), as methods that are increasingly entering our daily lives.

The hosts from IRIS Solutions in the person of Selda Ali and Merdihan Ismailov showed how the company uses the latest technological possibilities to develop solutions to help businesses successfully manage and use bank transaction data.

Dafinka Lazarova from CFIF ICAP presented the benefits and richness of the company's scoring models based on open banking, sharing the experience the company has in European markets.

Open banking, as part of Europe's digital strategy and the first step towards the development of Open Finance, is a reality that is already widely used in banking, lending, accounting, insurance, e-commerce, etc. More and more companies are integrating services and solutions that allow them to provide better service to their customers, optimize processes and reduce their transaction costs in a digital environment.

Merdihan Ismailov shared that in 2023 the European legislation will be updated and the scope of data that open banking will provide to its customers and partners will be expanded.

Viktor Todorov, business development manager at Cosmos Thrace Ltd. outlined 5 steps to successfully modernizing data governance. Teodor Iliev, the co-founder of the DoggoCollar startup, told about the successful path of four friends who digitized dog care.

With his inspiring words, the aikido, Zen and ikebana teacher Milko Karageorgiev Sensei made the participants of IRIS OPEN TALKS 2 look for answers to all life's questions in the data encoded in each person. "All the answers are in the data. And the data is with us", stressed Karageorgiev Sensei.

See the presentations. Check out the pictures. Be open! Do Open Banking!

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ICAP CRIF DIGITAL - Open Banking Event_9 Nov
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5 steps to successful Data management modernisation - PP - 5
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