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IRIS Solutions and Investbank partners in the integration of solutions based on open banking


IRIS Solutions has entered into a strategic partnership agreement with „Investbank“ AD for the integration of open banking services in various business areas of the bank. Thanks to the solutions and services provided by IRIS Solutions, „Investbank“ AD will further develop the provision of innovative financial services, personalized offers and new payment methods.

„Investbank“ AD is one of the most dynamically developing Bulgarian banks in recent years. It is expanding its presence in the financial markets through an enriched portfolio of digital products, modern services and an individual approach to each client.

The partnership of IRIS Solutions and „Investbank“ AD includes the implementation of a multi-banking solution in the bank's digital channels, joint presentation of a new type of payment terminal based on account-to-account transactions, integration of data received through open banking in the processes of online onboarding of clients, application for credit products, including enrichment of the indicators used in the credit scoring of the bank with data from the transactional behaviour of the clients. The new digital services enable the bank's employees to have a real picture of the financial stability of their clients and will make an easier and faster-informed decision when granting loans.

"This strategic partnership is another step towards the establishment of open banking as one of the factors with the most significant participation in the digitalization of financial services in the Bulgarian market," said Galya Dimitrova, Managing partner in IRIS Solutions.

IIRIS Solutions is a payment institution, licensed by the BNB for the services of delivery of account information and initiation of payment. The company offers its services on the markets in Bulgaria, Greece and Romania. Among the clients of IRIS Solutions are DSK Bank, Investbank, Sofiyska Voda, Toki Power, Microinvest and others.

The strategic partnership between „Investbank“ AD and IRIS Solutions is an important step in the overall process of digitalization of „Investbank“ AD in recent years.

"The integration of an open banking system is a completely new direction in improving the quality of service to our customers. In this way we will be able to further develop the potential offered by modern technologies and to achieve secure and affordable payment solutions ", commented Svetoslav Milanov, Executive Director and Chairman of the Management Board of „Investbank“ AD.



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