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Mihael Mihailov presented IRIS Solutions solutions at Digital4Sofia 2022

Digital4Sofia was held on June 13 at the Inter Expo Center, Sofia. The conference was dedicated to presenting the latest trends, regulations, challenges, and promising innovations in online commerce and financial technologies.

The event was attended by guests and speakers from leading companies, financial and public institutions from the country, and the EU. Special attention was also paid to innovations in the field of e-commerce.

Mihael Mihailov, co-founder and BDO of IRIS Solutions, presented the opportunities provided by open banking to increase the business of online stores. Payments from account to account for convenient, fast, and significantly cheaper.

At a special gala evening, the national winner of the Startup World Cup Bulgaria competition was announced, part of the world tour and main qualifying round of the StartUp World Cup 2022, whose main goal is to promote innovation and entrepreneurship worldwide.

The Daye team congratulated itself with a well-deserved victory after successfully defending its business concept and product and convincing the jury that the solutions it offers in the care and prevention of women's health are worthy of the grand final in the United States. At the end of September, the winners will go to Silicon Valley to represent Bulgaria in a competitive race with 40 other finalists from different countries for the $ 1 million grand prize.

Runners-up are Fast AI and Bevine with solutions for diagnosing and recognizing signs of stroke and precision farming.

Digital4 is a series of events in the six largest cities in Bulgaria. The first two of them - in Ruse and Burgas, were opened by the mayors of the municipalities. The upcoming events are on June 25 Digital4Varna 2022 SEO & CONTENT MARKETING CONFERENCE and 20-21. September DiTech EXPO 2022 & Digital4Plovdiv - The annual conference for online marketing and trade in Bulgaria. This is the largest event in the series and is held annually in Plovdiv, gathering over 500 participants.



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