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tbi bank implements services based on open banking

tbi bank implements services based on open banking to provide its customers with new, better solutions. With the partnership of IRIS Solutions, a leading provider of open banking services in Southeastern Europe, tbi bank strengthens its position as an innovator in the development of the so-called embedded finance.

The contract covers all aspects of services in the field of open banking - both account information delivery services, allowing customers to easily and quickly share information about their financial situation and behavior in the process of applying for credit, and payment initiation services by providing payment terminals for payment initiation in an online environment to tbi bank merchants.

The introduction of open banking services in the three markets in which TBI bank operates - Bulgaria, Romania, and Greece - is possible thanks to the integration in South-Eastern Europe built by IRIS Solutions. It will allow tbi bank to act as a leading innovative bank in the region. Through open banking, tbi bank will significantly improve its credit granting processes, increase its knowledge of the needs and behavior of its customers, and create an opportunity for its business customers to realize new effective methods for digital payments.

The contract also covers the possibility of further development of tbi bank's digital channels through new solutions and services based on responsible banking, allowing the bank's clients to efficiently and conveniently manage their financial assets.

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