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Valival Commerce and IRIS Solutions: Revolution in Online Payments

We are excited to introduce our joint campaign that is changing the way online payments are made. This time the emphasis is on Valival Commerce and their partnership with us - IRIS Solutions for the implementation of "Pay by Bank".

Valival Commerce is an established online trading platform and IRIS Solutions is a leading Open Banking company in South East Europe. We are now joining forces to offer our customers and users an even more satisfying experience.

What is our campaign about?

"Pay by Bank" by IRIS Solutions is an online payment method that combines speed, security and convenience. It is account-to-account method that allows users to make payments with a few clicks and in seconds without having to enter sensitive financial data.

Benefits for users:

  • Speed and convenience: Just a few clicks and the payment is made;

  • Security: High level of security through modern authentication methods;

  • Personal data: No need to enter sensitive financial data;

But this campaign isn't just limited to consumer benefits. It also provides numerous benefits for businesses and financial service providers:

  • Cost reduction: IRIS Solutions' "Pay by Bank" solution reduces merchants' costs at least 2 times compared to standard virtual POS terminals. Merchants can receive payments directly into their bank accounts without having to open new ones;

  • Liquidity: Payments are very fast and in some cases the merchant can get their money within 10 seconds;

  • Fraud Protection: Merchants are protected from fraudulent transactions;

Did you find it interesting? We believe that this payment method is the future of online shopping and payments, and we are proud to introduce it through our partnership campaign with Valival Commerce. If you are a merchant, use the Valival Commerce platform and wish to integrate "Pay by Bank" in your online store, we have an attractive offer for you!

If you sign a contract with IRIS Solutions by September 30:

  • No initial fee;

  • No transaction fees until the end of 2023;

  • No maintenance fee for the first 12 months of the contract term;

Feel free to contact us and learn more about our campaign and how it can help you improve your business.

Thank you for following us into the future of online payments. Expect more news and offers from us!



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