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Weekend for 2 and update codes can be won by Microinvest customers

A weekend for two in a 3-star hotel complex in Tryavna and one of 10 update codes for accounting software can be won by Microinvest customers who register their accounts and integrate services based on open banking.

This is the summer challenge that the company is putting out to the many users of its accounting software products.

To participate in the raffle, Microinvest customers must register at least 2 accounts in the period 07/01/2022 - 09/30/2022.

Microinvest OOD successfully passed registration and licensing as a representative of IRIS Solutions by the BNB. As a result of the introduction of services based on open banking, accountants using the company's products have:

  • The simplified authorization process for using bank statements in accounting software;

  • Ability to track all movements and balances on bank accounts, directly from the accounting program;

  • Full control over several different bank accounts in real-time;

  • Easy and efficient access to balances and movements on all bank accounts.

The winners of the first 5 update codes will be announced on 08/15/2022.

The winners of the remaining 5 update codes + the grand prize will be announced on 10/05/2022.

See how to participate HERE.

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