Iris Solutions' PSD 2 HUB is a platform that performs the functions of a data aggregator in connection with the implementation of the service for delivery of account information, which is the basis of services such as:




  • Personal finance management;

  • Risk assessment;

  • Product development;

  • Financial and accounting management.


Through PSD 2 HUB, Iris Solutions creates the possibility for each payment institution to integrate the payment initiation service in its digital channels, which allows its customers to initiate payment from a payment account of another institution (bank, payment institution).



  • Access to banks on the Bulgarian market through an API;

  • Up-to-date information on bank accounts;

  • No need to create additional mechanisms for storing sensitive data;

  • More than 2 years of experience in the development of Open-banking solutions.

As of 07.09.2020, 11 Bulgarian banks, as well as Raiffeisen Bank Romania, UniCredit Bank Romania, Revolut, National Bank Of Greece (NBG) and Alpha Bank Greece have been successfully integrated in Iris Solutions' PSD2 HUB.



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