Delivery of account information

As a registered provider of account information service, Iris Solutions can provide the ability for all bank / payment institution / clients to use Account Information services, including:

  • List of available accounts;     

  • Account Balance;     

  • List of specific account transactions, including balances, if applicable;     

  • Account statement or a list of all available accounts in connection with a consent.

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Digital wallet

The service is provided via software application (APP), an Android and iOS compatible mobile application.


The application performs the functions of a digital wallet and allows its user to:


  • add account (s);

  • receives information about the availability on accounts:

  • receive transaction history on bank payment account (s);

  • initiates transactions to merchants;

  • make person-to-person payments

  • make split payments;

  • accumulate bonus points from each transaction.


The application can be integrated with payment`s institution SCA method.

Iris Solutions is offerting the solution with the possibility for White-label and provided support and integration.

Payment terminal for accepting payments

The service is provided through a payment terminal for accepting payments initiated from a payment account by merchants in physical store or online merchants.

The services provided by Iris Solutions provide an innovative payment process and significantly reduce the investment costs for providing payment terminals and maintaining them.

The payment terminal for accepting payments at physical sites is based on an application compatible with Andorid and iOS, which allows avoiding special hardware (POS terminals).

The realization of the payment terminal at online merchants (sites) is carried out through a plug-in to finalize a purchase for the popular CMS systems

The management of the retail outlets is realized through a web-based platform.

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You can get acquainted with the general conditions for use of the product here

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The digital platform IMOHUB unites all participants in one transaction for the purchase of a property with a mortgage loan. A platform that combines their efforts, saving a lot of time and costs, gives security in online payments, speed and clarity in communication.

The efficient process provided by the mortgage lending platform ensures better interaction with reduced costs, clear participants and security of transactions. IMOHUB is a B2B platform that provides the end customer:

  • high level of legal certainty;

  • property valuation;

  • clear options for financing the purchase;

  • speed of transaction realization;

  • low costs.


Partners of the platform at this stage are the agencies "Address", "ERA", "Primo +" and "Imoteka", Evaluation company "Policonsult", "Advance Expert Evaluations", First Investment Bank.