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Automation of payments in notary offices with IRIS Solutions

"The work of notaries is difficult - they must ensure legality and accuracy of documents, as well as guarantee the correct execution of transactions. At the same time, customers expect fast, easy and trouble-free service, which also includes an easy method of payment" - Mihael Mihailov at a presentation to notaries at the Hyatt Regency Pravets Resort, November 25.

The problem:

  • Cash payments are expensive and inefficient - You pay high fees to banks and waste time;

  • Expensive service of card payments - Fees for payments with debit and credit cards are 2 times more expensive;

  • Large sums create inconvenience - Funds must be listed and transported;

The solution:

  • Convenient and easy payment by customers - Payment via a link sent to Viber, SMS, e-mail and/or QR code;

  • Reduced transaction costs - You reduce your costs by at least 50% compared to card payments;

  • Security - No need to list amounts or carry cash;

How it works?


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