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International Asset Bank provides its clients with a multi-banking service

At the beginning of this year, we announced the strategic partnership of IRIS Solutions with International Asset Ban< /a>k. The result is already available: the bank's new digital service Aset Multibanking.

"The clients of International Asset Bank have the opportunity to use an extremely pleasant and convenient interface, through which they receive in one mobile application all the accounts of various banks and financial institutions. We congratulate the colleagues from the bank and from CSoft, who developed the application, for the good work", comments Galya Dimitrova, managing partner at IRIS Solutions.

Asset Multibanking enables:

• adding accounts opened in other banks in one mobile application and easily managing them;

• receiving up-to-date status information on all accounts;

• easier and more convenient execution of a wide range of payment transactions from different accounts;

•ability to make informed decisions at any time and from anywhere in the world;

• the service uses a safe and secure way of connection between banks and financial institutions.

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