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IRIS Solutions at Unchain Fintech Festival

Galya Dimitrova, Managing Partner of IRIS Solutions, and Stoyan Tablov, Sales Director of IRIS Solutions, attended the Unchain Fintech Festival in Oradea, Romania, June 29-30.

The Unchain Fintech Festival is the platform where the financial and technology ecosystems converge, paving the way for innovative advancements in these industries. During the event, the IRIS Solutions team met with proven industry professionals, including financial institutions, technology providers, fintech innovators, and ecosystem participants. The purpose of these contacts is to exchange ideas, create partnerships and synergies that will stimulate the growth and development of the company.

The growth of the fintech ecosystem in the world is having an impact on the Balkan countries. The meeting proved that the region has promising potential for development, especially in the field of solutions based on open banking and in the field of digital payments.

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