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"Taking control of data back to people for a better future "- IRIS Solutions Shines at The World Ahead Gala Dinner by the Economist

Updated: Mar 12

The recently concluded World Ahead Gala Dinner hosted by The Economist in Sofia was not just an event but a convergence of visionary ideas and groundbreaking solutions. The Gala was held under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria, and the Mayor of Sofia. Among the distinguished participants were IRIS Solutions, Unicredit Bulbank, Sofia Airport, Coca-Cola Hellenic, etc., as well as Sofiya Kalinova, barrister-at-law, Ireland, board director, Irish Deaf Society, member, EUD’s Deaf Lawyers Group.  Let's delve into the aftermath of IRIS's participation and explore the highlights of this extraordinary gathering. 

The Deputy Prime Minister Mariya-Gabriel speaks at the full venue of Grand Hotel Millenium   IRIS Solutions at The World Ahead Gala Dinner   At the World Ahead Gala Dinner, Galya Dimitrova, the managing director and co-founder of IRIS Solutions, showcased the latest Open banking innovations. Known for advancing technology in finance, IRIS used the Gala as a platform to share its vision of secure and customer-focused financial solutions. A notable aspect of IRIS's participation was its dedication to giving people control over their financial data. Whether for personal or corporate finances, IRIS presented a comprehensive approach to using data and Open banking technology for the benefit of its owners. 

Panel Discussion: Empowering tomorrow: Pioneering Innovative Business Practices for a People-Centric Future.  

From left to right: Alasdair Ross, Countries Editor, “The World ahead 2024”, Michail Petrov, CEO, Schwarz IT Bulgaria and Galya Dimitrova, Managing Partner at IRIS Solutions  Collaboration and Networking Beyond the impressive showcase of technological prowess, the Gala was a melting pot of ideas and collaboration. IRIS Solutions actively engaged with industry leaders, bankers, policymakers, and fellow innovators, fostering a collaborative environment aimed at driving positive change. The exchange of ideas and expertise laid the groundwork for potential partnerships and future collaborations that could redefine the fintech landscape in Southeast Europe. 

Key Takeaways from the Gala: 

  1. Global Challenges, Local Solutions: The Gala served as a platform to discuss and address pressing global challenges. IRIS Solutions emphasized the importance of tailoring fintech solutions to local contexts, ensuring that innovations are not just global but also have a meaningful impact on communities at the grassroots level. 

  1. Tech for Good: The overarching theme of the Gala was the responsible and ethical use of technology, in specific AI, for the greater good. IRIS Solutions echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the need for technology to be a force for positive change, contributing to social and environmental well-being. 

  2. Innovation in Action: The Gala was a testament to the power of innovation to shape the future. IRIS Solutions showcased tangible examples of how technology can be harnessed to create solutions that address real-world challenges, leaving a lasting impact on industries and societies. 

Instead of a Conclusion – a Long-lasting Inspiration and Next Steps 

The World Ahead Gala Dinner concluded with the inspiring Sofiya Kalinova –barrister-at-law in Ireland and board director of the Irish Deaf Society, shared her journey as a deaf individual pursuing a legal career. Facing discrimination in Bulgaria due to a hearing component in the exam, she successfully defended her right to take the test. Sofiya Kalinova highlighted the need for more inclusive policies, citing limitations in Bulgarian law for sign language interpretation, as well as the importance of investing in education, early programmes for sign language use, and creating an inclusive job market for everyone, including people with disabilities.  The world ahead through Galya Dimitrova’s lenses  “As we draw the curtains on the World Ahead Gala Dinner, the impactful story shared by Sofiya Kalinova serves as a profound reminder that our journey towards a better and more inclusive future is an ongoing process. The Gala was not merely a culmination but a catalyst for change. Sofiya's journey, alongside the collaborative efforts and innovations showcased by participants like IRIS Solutions, marks the beginning of a transformative era. The seeds of collaboration and innovation planted during this event have the potential to blossom into lasting change. 

Looking ahead, it is our responsibility to nurture these seeds. We must continue advocating for inclusivity, challenging discriminatory practices, and championing education and accessibility. The World Ahead Gala Dinner wasn't just a celebration; it was a call to action, and the next steps involve carrying this momentum forward” - Galya Dimitrova, Managing partner of IRIS Solutions 

Galya Dimitrova, Managing Partner at IRIS Solutions giving an interview at the The World Ahead Gala Dinner 2024 



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